Since my post on positive reframing last week I’ve been thinking a lot about other ways to change thoughts. We don’t always have to put a sunny spin on things – sometimes that is extremely difficult. Another way of combating negative feelings/thoughts is to change your perspective.


A really basic example is when someone cuts you off on the highway. The emotion this illicites in us is often anger. Anger because we feel that person should not have done that to us. But what if we looked at if from a different angle? What if we thought, ‘maybe that person had a personal emergency’?. Suddenly, the emotion is not anger. Maybe now we feel empathy. A much easier pill to swallow..

Just like positive reframing, this is not a fix all option, just a different way of looking at things :)

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Reese Witherspoon broke out her pink wardrobe this week to let a young fan know he’s on her mind. The “Legally Blonde” star took to social media on Wednesday to throw support behind one of her biggest fans. Dressed in character as law student Elle Woods, Witherspoon a video on YouTube to let 4-year-old Will, who is battling cancer, know she’s rooting for him. Check out the adorable video here.

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Favorite Outfit: Thrift Style Thursday: Fringe

Least Favorite Outfit:  What Yoga Has Taught Me III

Landed just in time to get this post up while it’s still technically August..Just spent a few days in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Caroline – anyone ever been before? Heat aside, good food, beautiful architecture and amazing company made it the highlight of my month :)

What was your favorite part of August?


A pit bull this week was credited with rescuing an 8-year-old Oregon boy from a swarm of angry bees. Jesse-Cole Shaver was playing with a group of children near a creek in Oregon City when one of the kids stepped on a beehive, prompting the insects to swarm into the air. Everyone fled, except for Jesse-Cole, who reportedly had difficulty getting to safety and was stung at least 24 times. Fortunately, the little boy’s pit bull was quick to act and dragged him up to the grass! Check out the full story here.

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_1450510 It’s been awhile since I shot on the 50mm. I forgot how pretty the photos turn out when on the 50mm. I don’t talk a ton about photography on here, but I typically shoot on a 28mm. I’m comfortable with it. I already know how far I need to stand away from the camera for my body to be in frame. And I know will produce a decent, dependable image.

When I step outside my comfort zone a little and switch up the lens though, that’s when I realize how much work photography can be, but also how fun it can be to experiment with all the different elements.

Are you into photography? What do you typically shoot on?


Kimono: Thrifted // Shorts: Thrifted // Hat: Forever // Top: Free People // Sandals: c/o Aero

I should also probably talk about this incredible, thrifty find too, eh? I actually found it at a booth at Comfest a few months ago. I’ve worn it a few times and always get compliments on it. Can you believe someone gave it away? _1450584 Be sure to check out what my fellow thrift style Thursday-ers came up with this week:

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A horrific tragedy brought them together, but it’s their undying love that will make sure they never part. On Saturday, James Costello, who was seriously injured in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, married Krista D’Agostino –- the nurse who helped him through his recovery, according to a statement released by the Hyatt Regency Boston. Que Romantica! Check out the full story here.

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