Body Radiance: Rose Gold // Radiance Dust: Bronze Gold Dust // Lip Radiance: Unstoppable

Melanie Mills, famous makeup artist to the stars recently launched her own line of beauty products and I was fortunate enough to get a few to check out. The products are supposed to mask skin imperfections and get you camera ready.._1460748

I figured it best to start with the best. I’m a sucker for red lips, so of course I love this product. For a gloss, the color is SO vibrant and it isn’t super sticky like most lip glosses. This stuff works kinda like a stain, so even after the shine wears off, the actual color can still be seen.

_1460759I used this product in place of my normal blush. Though it wasn’t as pigmented as I would’ve liked it to be, it did provide a really nice glow where I applied it. I have pretty oily skin naturally, so I was worried this might add to it, but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t create extra shine.

_1460763This loose broze colored dust is actually a little darker than what I typically wear for eye shadow. It’s shimmery, so I’d probably be most likely to wear it out at night or for special events. Overall, I likedhow soft it felt going on and was impressed that it lasted almost all day!


Have you heard of these products? What one(s) would you try?


Anahi Alvarez was named Grand Prairie High School’s Homecoming Queen on Friday, but the 17-year-old didn’t bask in the limelight for even a moment. That’s because she and her friend Naomi Martinez, who had also been nominated for the honor, had promised each other that if they won they’d give the crown to a very important person in their lives: their best friend, Lillian Skinner.Lillian had been bullied by a group of girls prior to Friday’s event. The girls reportedly played a prank on Skinner by telling her that she had been nominated for the homecoming court, though she hadn’t been. How sweet is that? Check out the full story here!

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1. What were the last three things you watched on Netflix. (If you don’t have Netflix- what was the last thing you streamed?)

PLL, Breaking Bad, The Birdcage

2. Is there something you once disliked about yourself that you now embrace?

I have a birthmark on my back (seen here), I remember spending HOURS trying on bathing suits that covered it when I was in middle school. Now, I couldn’t care less, it makes me unique :)

3. If you were a celebrity in a past life – who do you think you’d be?

Audrey Hepburn. Because, I wish.

4. What’s the strangest (or most useless) talent you have?

I’m actually pretty decent at flair bartending (bottle flipping). It used to be really fun and useful when I was a bartender. As a counselor, not so much.

5. If you had your own fashion line – what would it be called?

Buttons and Birdcages (original, right?). I might consider shortening it to BBc, maybe.


Dress: Ruche // Shoes: Target // Hair Extensions: c/o Luxy

6. How long (on average) does it take you to get ready in the morning?

If I shower, 30 minutes. If not, 5.

7. If there was one thing you could tell the 17 year old you – what would it be?

Ten years from now your life will feel just as angsty and confusing as it is right now. Learn to embrace it :)

8. What is your pet peeve?

I don’t know if this counts as a pet peeve, but I find it incredibly unattractive when people say mean things about/mock others..where’s the love, people?

9. Name a time that you did something completely out of your comfort zone.

When I first moved to Ohio I decided I would push myself to be friendly and meet people. I overheard someone in the lobby of my workplace talking about how she was starting the same program as me in a few weeks. I walked out from my cubicle and introduced myself to her. She has been my best friend ever since :)

10. What is a blog goal you hope to reach?

I would love to meet all of the awesome friends I’ve made blogging!


Shout out to the ever lovely Martyna, of Spoolish for the awesome questions!


This janitor is bringing a little peace to the hearts of hospital visitors through his musical gift. Rolando Maaba, 55, works at Rockford Health Systems in Illinois, according to the hospital’s YouTube page. Though he spends most of his day on custodial work, Maaba forgoes his break in order to play the piano in the hospital lobby, with the goal of bringing some cheer to the relatives and loved ones of patients. See a video of this man playing here.

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The theme this month is ‘Autumnal Hues’ (aka Fall Colors). After attempting to paint leaves on my nails (spoiler: that didn’t turn out so well). I decided to go basic and show off a few of my favorite hues for fall :)


Revlon – Bordeaux // Finger Paints – Copper Elements // Revlon – Autumn Spice


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Deven Jackson, a 10 year old from Pennsylvania, is hitting the turf once again — this time, with two prosthetic legs. Two years ago, his parents rushed him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with alife-threatening case of meningitis and given only a 10 percent chance of survival by his doctors. Check out this amazing story of resilience here!

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