Letting go of control of what I wear can be really tough for me. I guess it’s because I feel that what I wear on the outside is such a direct reflection of who I am inside and how I’m feeling that day. This weeks challenge, brought to us by Andrea of Little Did You Know, was to hand over the reins to a friend and allow them to style us for a day.
I decided to have Paul pick out my outfit this week. I was visiting him and we went to the flea in Pasadena and it just seemed to make sense. After browsing the hundreds of stands, he came across this sweet Ninja Turtles Shirt, and I couldn’t be happier.
It’s definitely different than what I typically wear, but the nostalgia of an old tv show was more than enough to get me excited for a different outfit.When I put on this shirt I literally felt like I was transformed back into that fun loving kid again. I spent most of the shoot goofing around and, in true turtle spirit, eating pizza :)
Top: Thrifted // Jeans: Urban // Shoes: Converse

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A damaged school in post-Ebola Liberia is receiving a fresh start — in part — through art. David Cogdill, a Baltimore street artist, has worked with local artists on murals to help repair a school in West Point, Liberia, which was torn apart by riots during the Ebola outbreak last summer. The large, bold paintings featured on the walls of Nathaniel Varney Massaquoi Elementary and Junior High School depict peaceful seascapes and colorful wildlife — a dramatic change from how the school looked just months ago. Check out the beautiful art here.

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_1610078Does anyone know why they call denim on denim a Canadian tuxedo? Either way, I actually love the denim on denim look (and, oh hey again, flares :) ). Depending on the day, I love a good crop top too. I think this is one of the first times I’ve done the truly exposed midriff thing, I love the look, but I think sometimes I have a tough time pulling it off.

Top: TJ Maxx // Jeans: c/o Shopbop // Bag: Gifted // Wedges: Gifted

_1610205What are your thoughts on the denim on denim look?



A 911 call from an elderly cancer patient seeking help because he had no food triggered an outpouring of support from across the country. “I’ve been receiving cards and packages and people have been showing up at my door with bags of groceries,” Clarence Blackmon said. “Not only that, but some ladies even cooked it and brought it to me, and that’s about as good as it can get.” Blackmon said people have been so generous that his phone has been “ringing off the hook” and his cupboards are “overflowing” with food. “I’m so very thankful,” said Blackmon, who has asked a local food bank to take some of the food because he now has “more than I’ll ever eat.”

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Spending a few days in California interviewing for a job out here.vThough the idea of moving again seems a little daunting, I think I’m ready for a new challenge  (plus, being flown out for an interview makes me feel super important). Nothing is official yet, but if all goes as planned, I’ll be packing up and heading West this summer.

This outfit was one I thought I’d be wearing in sunny California, but would you believe it’s actually warmer in Ohio right now? I’ll probably just trade out the shorts for a pair of high waisted skinny jeans. Luckily, kimonos and sunglasses look good regardless of how warm/cold it is outside. Though my style tends to change on the daily, the boho look has become pretty near and dear to my heart, and is probably one I’ll be wearing a lot of in the coming months..


Kimono: c/o Swim Outlet // Cami: Urban // Shorts: Thrifted // Glasses: c/o GlassesShop // Necklace: Thrifted

DSC_0588Have an awesome week, everyone!



One daring nonagenarian took to the skies to relive her remarkable past. British World War II pilot Joy Lofthouse had the chance, earlier this month, to fly an iconic plane she flew during the war — the Spitfire, BBC News reported. The 92-year-old’s flight took place about 70 years since she had last flown the legendary aircraft. “It was lovely. It was perfect, of course,” Lofthouse told BBC after her flight. “It made me feel quite young.”. Check out the full story here!

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