The day has finally arrived! We are finally leaving on our long awaited trip to Asia. I’m not looking forward to the flight, but I’m totally looking forward to the amazing destinations ahead of us..

1. Beijing, China

2. Bangkok, Thailand

3. Phuket, Thailand

4. Chiang Mai, Thailand

5. Siem Reap, Cambodia

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ลาก่อน, America!



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I am notorious for over packing. A weekend trip to Chicago? Probably need a large suitcase, right? Over packing doesn’t create a major inconvenience when traveling stateside, but international travel – that’s when it can really hurt. In an effort to reduce my load, I’m limiting myself to a 70 liter backpack (which I’m hoping will pass as a carry on).

The trip is 19 days total and we will be visiting China, Thailand, and Cambodia, and we leave tomorrow! A list of what I’m packing is below..


Osprey Farpoint 70  // Detachable Daypack (zips into backpack) // Travelon Cross-Body

Why a carry on?

I had a terrible experience with *cough* Delta Airlines *cough* a few years ago when embarking on my first backpacking trip to Peru. I landed in Custco, ready to hike, sans luggage. After about an hour, a representative from the airport had me sign some papers (of course, in Spanish) and they let me know they’d contact me when they found the bag. Six days later, my bag arrived. It had been accidentally sent to The Netherlands – totally the wrong continent. Needless to say, going six days without clothes was more than enough to make me rethink future travel plans..


Compression Sack (for dirty clothes) // Undergarmets // 5 Tops // 4 Dresses // 2 Sarongs // Bathing Suit // 1 Pair of Shorts // 2 Pairs of Leggings // 1 Pair of Pants // Lightweight Jacket

I know some people are probably looking at this and thinking, ‘You totally don’t need that many clothes’, and you’re right. I could definitely get away with taking less, but I’m a fashion blogger, give me a break :p

Some important things to think about when packing for a trip like this, is packing things that are:

1. Culturally Appropriate: Female dress in Southeast Asia is relatively modest. Not only is it inappropriate to have lots of skin exposed, a lot of temples and places won’t permit you if your knees and/or shoulders are exposed. Plus, you don’t want to be the person that makes other uncomfortable, right?

2. Climate Appropriate: November is considered to be a ‘mostly dry’ month in Southeast Asia with temperatures averaging in the 80’s. They also have a lot of bugs. I tried packing lightweight items that are going to be cool and protect my skin (things that are loose and light).


Flats: Soda // Capri Universal c/o Teva // Northwater c/o Teva

Shoes are a thing that can really weigh down your pack. I’m taking a pair of regular flat shoes which I”ll probably wear in airports and at night if it cools down a little. According to travel books, most people in SE wear flip flops, I prefer an ankle strap (it just feels more secure). Lastly, the  flats on the right will be my hiking/walking shoe. According to Teva, these are perfect for long days on your feet. All of these shoes weight next to nothing, and are flexible, so you can stuff them into the sides of your pack if need be.


Travel Books // Passport // First Aid Kit // 100% Deet // Antibacterial Wipes // Hand Sanitizer // Travel Journal // Sunglasses // Point and Shoot Camera // ZzzQuil // iPad // Toiletries Bag

Travel Books: I use Lonely Planet books and these things are lifesavers. Maps, tips, travel recommendations, I’ve used them on all my trips, and they have never steered me wrong.

Travel Journal: Before my last trip I hadn’t taken a travel journal. Paul’s mom gave me this one before my trip to Central America last year, and it seriously changed the way I travel. I plan to write in it each day, record my expenses, and tape receipts/photos directly into it – great way to keep memories!

100% Deet: This stuff was a little difficult to track down, most places have 30% Deet.  But due to the bug situation over there it is recommended that if you’re traveling you should use 100% Deet.

ZzzQuil: 14 hour plane ride. Enough said.

First Aid Kit: Just in case

Point and Shoot: We’re taking a ton of photography equipment, but fancy cameras can sometimes be a hassle, so having a small camera that’s easily accessible will be nice.

Toiletries Bag: Filled (to the max) with all standard essentials (don’t forget your toothbrush!)


What am I forgetting? Let me know in the comments!


In a video uploaded to YouTube, a life coach asks random passersby to write a thank-you letter to the person who has helped them become successful in life. The coach then unveils a phone booth, and gets the strangers to call the people who have supported them and express their gratitude by reading the thank-you note. Check out the incredibly moving video here!

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DSC00071Last weekend I flew to Vegas to celebrate the birthday/bachelorette parties of one of my very best friends. I flew on Southwest and I have to say, they had the best people working that flight. The attendants were constantly checking on us and making jokes (shout out to Bernie – you were great). I always have a great experience on Southwest, but this was by far the most memorable.


Blossom Restaurant

After arriving and checking in to Club de Soleil, our first stop was Blossom. A Chinese restaurant in the Aria hotel. The decor was gorgeous and the restaurant was quiet. The food, well, let’s just say, I’ve had amazing food in Vegas before (*cough* Prime Steakhouse *cough*), Blossom, was not it. Everything in Vegas is overpriced. But the food here was expensive, and left something to be desired. That being said, getting to dine with a bunch of girlfriends was still wonderful :)

photo (11)

Haze Nightclub

Full Disclosure: I’m not a huge nightclub person. But when in Vegas, right? This place, was amazing. First of all, they totally hooked us up with a free table, bottle service, and our own little area that was guarded (perfect for keeping out the creepers). The music was incredible and the overall vibe was fun and lighthearted. I wish I could say all club in Vegas are like this, but our experience at The Bank the next night, was awful. Making Haze look even better by comparison :)



Guys, this show, was INCREDIBLE. I’ve seen Cirque du Soleil, and Blue Man Group in Vegas before. This show, by far, the most entertaining, and best bang for your buck. It’s set up in a tent and the stage is in the center of the room. As a result of the set up, you get a much more intimate show experience than you would in some of the larger theatres. The show mocks certain aspects of the Vegas entertainment industry, while still entertaining and impressing the audience with an incredible cast of diverse, and talented performers. The show is hosted by two comedians whose humor is over the top, crude, and potentially offensive – basically everything one could want in a Vegas show. If you’re in Vegas, SEE THIS SHOW (Just maybe not with your parents. Parents, I love you, but I wouldn’t want to sit next to you during this show).

20141026_063558 (1)

The concept of Vegas is hilarious to me. It’s literally a city, in the middle of the dessert, where people can go, and act a fool. And it is totally acceptable. Criticism of Vegas seems to be that it’s dirty and a little trashy. Maybe it is, but it’s Sin City people, what do you expect? It’s a completely manufactured paradise and it’s a little overdone. Dirt, trash, and manufacturing aside, it’s a great place to escape the ‘real world’ for a few days.

My verdict? I Love The Vegas (bonus points if you recognize the quote ;) )


The Magic of Discovery Masquerade Ball held every November in the Palazzo Ballroom at the Venetian is going to benefit Discovery Children’s Museum. The annual event gets bigger every year and is one of the most anticipated events of the month! See, not all in Vegas is bad :) Check out more here.


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