This post is sponsored by Target. targetx4-2 Target recently released a whole new line of denim and I was lucky enough to get to try FOUR pairs out in advance! As someone who typically only wears dark wash, high waisted jeans, I was excited to be pushed outside my box and try some different styles. Ordering jeans online can be tricky, definitely felt nervous to pick a size, but was pleasantly surprised at how well every pair fit me! BoyfriendCollageBoyfriend

You know, I never have been into the boyfriend style jean. And to be fair, I’ve also never tried them on. When I pulled these out of the box I thought I would hate them..surprisingly I actually love them. They’re a little tighter on my than I think the true boyfriend style is supposed to be, but I love the way they look (and they’re super comfy). The only issue I have with them is that I don’t know how to style them properly, but that’s what Pinterest is for :) MidRiseLightCollage

Mid-Rise Jegging

Surprisingly liked these jeans a lot once I was wearing them. I typically avoid lighter wash denim, but it’s actually pretty versatile. The distressing on them makes them a little more interesting which I love. My only complaint? They seem a little short, and I’m on the shorter side, so if you’re tall proceed with caution. MidRiseCollage

Mid-Rise Skinny
I’ve been wearing almost exclusively high waisted denim for.. years now. I just find it to be a flattering look on most women. For mid-rise jeans, I really loved them! HighRiseCollage
High-Rise Jegging
I’m gonna go ahead and call myself a high-rise jean connoisseur. Believe me, all high-rise jeans are not created equal. I typically go for the super high waisted look and when I’m searching  I’m also looking for denim that has a lot of stretch, not just for comfort, but also for ease of movement. I’m happy to report Target totally delivered on both accounts. LOVE everything about these jeans – the rise, the wash, and the stretch.   gnotd Starting July 26th you can try on the new Target denim in store to receive $10 off any pair! Check out their jeans online, read reviews, or write your own review online now!Find your style @TargetStylelkitFacebook //Instagram // BlogLovin // Twitter // Sponsor

DSC_0941Finally getting around to posting some more photos of my trip to Detroit a couple of months ago. Urban exploring is something my good friend (and man behind most of my recent photos), Anthony introduced me to. While urban exploring may, sometimes, sort of be (totally) illegal, it’s definitely cool to check out and appreciate things of the past.

DSC_0990As someone who has an affinity for old things and anything that provides an adrenaline rush, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that I love everything about urban exploring. I tend to lean towards vintage everything as opposed to new; and just as vintage clothes I wear have a story, old buildings and landmarks do too..

DSC_0982These photos were shot in the Eastown Theatre. It originally opened as a movie theatre in 1931 and showed films for nearly F decades until it’s close in 1967. Soon after, it was converted to a rock concert venue which hosted everyone from the Who to Fleetwood Mac. The theatre stayed open as a concert venue for a few decades, but after a series of bad luck and drug arrests, closed it’s doors. In the early to mid-90s it became a rave house (which is actually pretty awesome), and after some unsuccessful attempts at selling, the building was abandoned completely in the late 1990’s. (source)

DSC_0984Though abandoned and uncared for for years, the theatre was still incredibly charming. I was so busy exploring different hallways, and checking out the street art speckled throughout that I didn’t take the time to truly reflect on how many thousands of people had an amazing time at the Eastown theatre. Eighty years ago, people were watching movies there; fifty years ago people rocked out; and twenty years ago people danced their asses off. I can only hope that buildings I’ve had the best times in throughout my life are still standing one day; and whatever condition they may be in, I hope people still take time to explore, and enjoy them.

DSC_0968Shirt: Topshop // Pants: Topshop // Shoes: c/o Bangs // Backpack: Thrifted



A Minnesota food truck is cooking up something extra special, free of charge. Lucas Hobbs, a boy who battled cancer, is using his grant from Make-A-Wish to serve up tasty snacks to his community via free food trucks. The 12-year-old wants to thank people who have helped him since he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. “When I was sick, people brought me food from our church, and it was really nice of them, It kinda got me thinking about my Make-A-Wish, so I asked my parents if I could use my wish to help others.” How incredibly sweet? Check out the full story here!

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Five years ago I moved to Columbus, Ohio. I knew not a single person, nor really anything about the city other than the fact that it was home to the infamous Buckeyes.


In my last post I talked about why I love Columbus so much. As I reflect back on that post, I have realized that I actually love this city because it is where I became the person that I am. Where I truly developed into an individual. You know all that ‘growth’ and ‘finding yourself’ stuff you’re supposed to do in college? For me, that growth happen post the collegiate years..
Don’t get me wrong, I liked who I was before I moved to Columbus. But when I moved here I finally felt free to be myself. I was in a new city; no one here knew me. I didn’t feel the pressure to conform, the pressure to try to “fit in”. I realized that people would accept and love me as I am. For me. And that is a truly beautiful thing. With that realization came confidence. With confidence, came my my sense of humor, my personal style. With confidence came my sense of self. I stopped caring so much what other people were doing, wearing, or what they thought about me. I started just doing what felt right for me.
It has been in Columbus that I’ve explored and found my sense of spirituality. I was first exposed to concepts of Buddhism a year and a half ago, many of which I weave into my approach to life, struggles, and interacting with others. It’s in these concepts that I find peace.
I discovered my passions in Columbus. Photography, sewing, yoga; to name a few. While the backdrops for these will change throughout my life, I know they will always be a part of it.
Five days ago I moved to Claremont. I knew not a single person, nor anything about the city other than the fact that it is home to the ‘5 C’s’. I am sad to have left Columbus, but after reflecting on what an incredibly growing experience moving to Columbus was for me, it excites me for what the future in Claremont holds :)


One girl is using a crafty talent of hers as a force for good.  Aurora Smith, a rising first-grader from Virginia, has a knack for crocheting. But for the 6-year-old, the hobby has a bigger purpose. Aurora started selling scarves that she’s crocheted to raise money for Services to Abused Families, Inc., a nonprofit that provides support and services to survivors of domestic and sexual assault. How totally sweet is that? Check out the full story here!

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