Well guys, this is embarrassing. I completely mixed up the thrift style Thursday theme calendar. Today was supposed to be stripes (and it was MY week to pick the theme..I need to get my life together).

I guess I got a little excited because have been drooling over tulle skirts since I came across Space46 a few months ago (they’re a little cost prohibitive for me, but they’re beautiful skirts). When I came across this dress in a vintage shop a few weeks ago, I couldn’t pass it up.


This is the first time I’ve refashioned something with multiple ayers. In all honestly, the bottom layers are unfinished (sometimes when the fabric doesn’t fray, and can’t be seen – so I feel I can get away with it).


Though the dress skews a little newer than what I would personally consider ‘vintage’, it was definitely a little dated before I got my hands on it. I always like to imagine what type of person wore this item before me and what to. I’m thinking 90’s prom? Any other ideas?

Dress: Vintage // Shoes: Target // Clutch: Vintage

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The sport of wheelchair football has a royal player. Prince Harry visited the Robertson Barracks in Australia last week to play wheelchair AFL, or the adaptive sport of Australian rules football, with military members at the Soldier Recover Center. The visit was part of his month-long tour with the Australian Army. How sweet is that? Check out the photos here!

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IMG_4498After a one month hiatus I am happy to return to Kristi’s #MonthlyMani challenge. This month the theme was pastels, colors I don’t wear often, but completely adore. As I sifted through my nail polish collection I realized I had a ton of pastel colors, so I decided to incorporate as many as possible for this month’s theme..


After spending a few sunny days in Florida I returned to gray skies in Columbus. I love this city, but the grayness gets old sometimes (and I bet me complaining about it on here gets old too, eh?). At any rate, it was nice to add a pop of spring color to my life this week :)


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An aspiring doctor is using a clothing line to inspire young girls to get interested in science. Lizzie Cochran, a 24-year-old student at Columbia University, came up with the idea of Epidemia Designs — a clothing line which turns biology-themed images into designs for workout apparel and fashion accessories, late last year. Combining Science + Fashion? #HellYes. Check out the letter he sent here!

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Striped Top  // Anjolee Bangle Bracelet // Sunglasses // Trench Coat // Dear Creatures Skirt   Seychelles Flats  // Sheinside Dress // Rabbit Bag

I know spring has already technically sprung, but due to the complete lack of spring-like weather in Ohio up until recently, it’s been hard for me to get in the mood for spring fashion. I love browsing the new items on Ruche and Sheinside. Making polyvore sets has definitely helped get me out of the dreary weather funk.

I’ve also gotten into designing and personalizing my own jewelry by Anjolee. I don’t wear a lot of flashy jewelry, but I do love the way it looks. With Anjolee you can completely personalize your jewelry from metal type, to carat weight, it’s all customizable – would definitely be fun to design something for a family member, perhaps as a mothers day gift?

What items are you loving for spring?


A Chinese soldier prepared a year’s worth of meals for his wife before returning to Tibet, where he’s stationed. His parting gift included over 1,000 dumplings and 150 liters of soup, the Mirror reports, and a number of sweet treats with notes attached hidden around the house. Yin Yunfeng, 27, will call and send messages to his wife, 26-year-old Zhao Mai, to reveal the whereabouts of the hidden gifts whenever she is feeling lonely. Because Yin Yunfeng is stationed in Tibet, the couple only sees each other once a year. What a sweet way to remind someone you love them! Check out the letter he sent here!

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