I was nominated by the lovely Justine of The Two Cent Chick nominated me to participate in this little question thing that’s cycling around the interweb. I typically don’t participate in things like this, but it seemed fun..

1. What three pieces of clothing define your style?

Right now: Flat Shoes (of any type – I hate heels), Super high-waisted skinny jeans, and scarves.

2. What TV show can’t you get enough of?

I really want to put down a really cool show like Game of Throne or Breaking Bad (both of which I love by the way). But if I’m being truly honest, my guilty please is definitely Pretty Little Liars..

3. Which song will make you smile no matter what?

Semi-Charmed Life. It’s just so upbeat and totally takes me back to being a kid again. Although I must admit now knowing what the song is really about I feel a little weird about that..

4. Most embarrassing moment?!

Oh man, it was middle school. It was a snowy day. I missed the bus. Mom had to drop me off. I see the ‘cool kids’ and try to run across the street to greet them. I fall. Books go flying. I’m bleeding. Mom rolls down the window to see if I’m OK. I want to die. Only recently recovered.

5. One beauty item you cannot imagine life without?

Eyeliner. Even if I’m feeling down, I throw on some eyeliner and I instantly feel better.


 Dress: Free People // Boots: Zappos // Headband: Thrifted


6. Book that you’d recommend to anyone?

Saving Bernice. It’s a book about battered women, welfare, and poverty (not exactly light reading). But it taught me a lot and challenged my world view; qualities I value most in a good book.

7. What’s something you achieved on/because of your blog that you never thought was possible?

I got featured in a local magazine, that was pretty cool. Also, I was recently selected to model in Chicago Fashion Week!

8. What blogger(s) would you love to meet in real life?

Any and all of the lovely ladies I interact with on here on a regular basis. I know it sounds weird, but I really feel like ya’ll are my friends :)

9. Favorite fall fashion item?

Cardigans! They’re a perfect transitional item and they are just so comfy :)

10. Who’s your celebrity style crush?

Right now, I have to say it’s not an actually real person. I’m pretty obsessed with PLL and the style those gals rock in every episode.



s it turns out, you can make just about anything with a 3-D printer and make it work. When 12-year-old Minghao of China was diagnosed a couple of months ago with Ewing’s sarcoma, a bone cancer typically found in children, his doctors opted for an alternative to the standard treatment. They discovered a tumor on the second vertebra of his spine, and, in lieu of the common titanium tube bone replacement, they decided to put their 3-D printing research and technology to work, reported Reuters. Can’t say technology isn’t increible, can we? Check out the full story here.

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One of the coolest things I’ve noticed as I’ve traveled throughout the states is how different style is in various regions of the country. Not only is style different, but the ways in which we wear the same thing changes. Cowboy boots are a perfect example; when I wear them, I try to style them with more of a bohemian vibe. When people in the South style them, they’re typically going for a more traditional country western vibe.


I haven’t always loved cowboy boots, but I do like how creative designers are getting these days with the styles. I’ve been noticing this new trend on silver cowboy boots; a bold and definitely flashy style that would definitely garner some attention strutting down music row in Nashville.


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What do you think of the style? Would you be brave enough to wear silver boots?


The Clemson University football team built a foundation for the future Tuesday — and it had nothing to do with gridiron glory. The team helped construct three houses for families in need in Anderson, S.C., as part of Habitat for Humanity. How great is that? Check out the full story here.

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Every now and then I come across a fashion forward company that also has a purpose. Bangs shoes fits both criteria. When you purchase Bangs Shoes, 20% of net profits are given to Kiva, an organization that helps people start businesses all over the world. I won’t stand on my soapbox too long, but the effects of giving money to start businesses that stimulate economic growth goes a lot further than giving people things (especially things that probably don’t last very long). I firmly believe that the way to make real and lasting change in the world, is by investing in job creation and economic growth, Bangs Shoes is helping with that, one pair at a time. To find out more, be sure to check out their mission page.

_1460047Ok, I’ll stop geeking out over this and start talking about the shoes themselves. Pretty much since middle school, the only tennis shoes I’ve owned have been Chuck’s. Bangs are similar in style and fit, but with an updated look (and they’re just really comfortable). As fall approaches, they’re definitely going to be my go to (read: I’ll probably be wearing them a lot on here).

Chambray: Madewell // Shoes: c/o Bangs // Bag: Fossil


What do you think of Bangs Shoes? What about their mission?



On Monday, a police officer from Indianapolis stopped at a red light where a homeless man named Fred can frequently be found panhandling and clearing trash off the highway. But the cop didn’t pull over to give him a ticket. Instead, he grabbed a new pair of boots from his trunk and offered them to Fred. They were far too small for him to wear, but Fred knew another struggling man in Indianapolis who could make good use of them and planned to share his good fortune. Check out this sweet story here.

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