Everyone has those pieces, right? The one’s that transport you to a different time? Perhaps a different era, a different part of the world, or maybe even just to a different season. This dress definitely makes me feel like I’m from a different time – the 50’s specifically. Something about the pattern/style/cut of the dress just feels retro to me (which we all know by now is right up my alley). Huge shout out to Beth, from Bethie the Boo for choosing this week’s theme, she’ definitely a girl after my heart with this one :)


I think this was the absolute coldest it’s ever been when I’ve done a shoot, it was also the fastest (surprising, right?). Parents, don’t cringe when you read this, but I’m pretty sure it was in the single digits (and actively snowing) while this was going on, but I did it because I’m an idiot committed to the cause (yeah, let’s go with that..).


Dress: Refashioned // Belt: Thrifted // Shoes: c/o Restricted


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This story is amazing because SCIENCE. Three Austrians have replaced injured hands with bionic ones that they can control using nerves and muscles transplanted into their arms from their legs. The three men are the first to undergo what doctors refer to as “bionic reconstruction,” which includes a voluntary amputation, the transplantation of nerves and muscles and learning to use faint signals from them to command the hand. Check out the full story here.

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So, I know this is completely random, but I actually have recently truly fallen in love with scent and how it can completely transform a mundane experience like doing laundry, or even just being in a room. I used to scoff at candles as gifts – now I LOVE them (mostly because they’re kind of expensive, but also kind of a luxury — aka one of those items you only really buy for other people). I was thrilled to receive these new unstopable products because they smell good, and the scent is potent enough to be noticeable; but not so strong that it’s irritating (I’m looking at you A&F).


Nate Berkus (super famous interior designer), says one of the best ways to mix things up in a room you’re bored with is to switch out little things, like throw pillows and blankets. I recently re-did my bedroom (hello, white comforter that I’m hoping to keep totally white forever). Another fun thing to do is switch up your scent, I rotate the candle next to my bed pretty regularly to keep things interesting (and relaxing).


How fun are these vinyl butterflies? I made five of them a few years ago, and want to cover a whole wall with them! They’re pretty easy to make (just mostly time consuming), with all the snow keeping me inside lately I guess I don’t really have an excuse for not mass producing them. Maybe this weekend I’ll be hit with a surge of creativity..we shall see. 

Have you tried anything from the Unstopables line? Which scent is your favorite?


Matthew McIntyre died almost two decades ago at age 14 when a friend accidentally shot him with a handgun, Yahoo News reported. After his death, his mother, Vicki Brannon, now 56, decided to donate his organs. Brannon finally met the recipient of his heart, Jennifer Lentini, this past Valentine’s Day at the Tampa International Airport, the New York Daily News reported. The mother was able to listen to her son’s heart beat in Lentini’s chest for the first time. Tearjerker, right? Check out the full story here.

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Remember this little number I impulsively picked up at Easton Fashion Night? Despite the cold I figure it time I bust it out again (gotta make it at least, somewhat worth the exorbitant cost). Plus, with the crazy weather we’ve been having, I haven’t worn much other than sweaters and bulky boots. It’s 5 degrees in Columbus today, FIVE. It seems winter has been getting worse and worse round these parts. I’m ok with it though, I’ve convinced myself it’ll make that first day of spring all the better.


Dress: Free People // Boots: Famous Footwear // Necklace: c/o Country Outfitter

How’s the weather been around your parts? (Californians need not respond :p)



A very unexpected star is responsible for bringing the house down each week at a Washington, D.C., bar. Every Sunday for the past two years, funk fusion band Granny’s Ball of Odds, or Granny and the Boys, as they’re affectionately known, has taken the stage at the Showtime bar to entertain patrons. While the house band is made up of several talented musicians, the group’s special draw is the keyboardist — 82-year-old Alice Donohue or Granny. This lil lady is proving that you can rock out at any age, check out the kick-ass video here!

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