As someone with little self-control when it comes to things like food, I was beyond terrified to try this whole multi-day juice cleanse thing. Juice cleansing has always been of interest to me not only because of the health factors, but because I’ve always wondered if I had enough self control to actually complete one. sambaFRESH is an organic pressed juice company located in Upper Arlington, and on Saint Patrick’s Day, I had the opportunity to begin one (who starts a cleans on SPD?). I drank six juices a day, for four days. The juices themselves, were all tasty, and by the end  I felt beyond amazing.


Day One

I didn’t really know what to expect going in to this, but honestly, the first day wasn’t really difficult at all for me. Motivation was definitely high at this point (which helped, I’m sure), but I’m pleasantly surprised to tell you I wasn’t hungry at all. I actually had the opposite problem – I was so full from drinking all day that I almost didn’t drink all of my juices.

Day Two

Felt like my body started to adjust to the whole juice only thing. My drop in energy wasn’t as apparent today and I even went to hot yoga in the afternoon. Let me tell you – I expected to pass out (and possibly die) halfway through the class, I left feeling better than I ever have!

Day Three

Woke up feeling incredible – full of energy and ready to take on the day. In the spirit of self-disclosure I will tell you that I did have an almost lapse when I received some sad work news. I heard it and immediately, I wanted to eat Indian food (it’s become my comfort food). Luckily, the Proteina plus juice was next for me and it filled me up. Realizing that I can cope with sad news and not turn to things like food or alcohol was actually one of the most rewarding things I learned about myself through this process.

Day Four

Talk about bad planning, I started my cleanse on Saint Patrick’s Day and ended it the day I left for a ladies weekend in Nashville. I thinking knowing it was the end, and being around friends made it even more difficult. I won’t say I made it through the entire fourth day, so we’ll just call it a ‘modified’ cleanse day :)


Have you ever tried a juice cleanse? Would you?


Amid the chaos of a fire that rattled lower Manhattan on Thursday, there were countless acts of altruism from neighbors and business owners showing support. The 7-alarm fire destroyed two structures in the city’s East Village neighborhood after an explosion erupted in the basement of 121 Second Ave. at about 3:20 p.m. The incident injured 19 people, affected four buildings and called for more than 250 firefighters to report to the scene. Misfortune, however, can bring out the best in people. Check out some inspiring acts of kindness here!

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Ok ok, I cheated a little this week. Technically I think Andrea wanted us all in blue this week, but honestly, blue is not a color I typically gravitate towards, so I figured I’d mix a little in with this awesome denim jacket

Though my wardrobe isn’t blue, I definitely have the winter blues ’round these Columbus parts. We’ve had a few nice days, a lot of rain, and a little bit of post-spring snow. Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Columbus, so I’m really looking forward to warmer days.

_1570747Top: Thrifted // Belt: Thrifted // Glasses: Thrifted // Skirt: Forever // Boots: c/o Duo // Jacket: Target


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“Sometimes you just have to be a princess.” So says Jesse Nagy, the 25-year-old uncle to Izzy, age 4, who was a little nervous to wear a princess outfit on Sunday to see “Cinderella.” To give her the confidence boost she needed, Nagy offered to accompany her in a princess outfit of his own, and the results are amazing! Check out the pictures here!

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Can I just say, I was beyond excited when I drove past this park and discovered it was finally open again. I used to shoot here all the time, but it’s been under construction for quite some time. I was actually nervous they’d remove my favorite rock, but I’m happy to report – the rock is still there! (It’s the little things, right?)
Dress: Lulus // Tights: Target // Shoes: Modcloth // Clutch: H&M
On to the dress. This was actually a Christmas gift from my sister. The dress itself is gorgeous, and I actually like the loose cut of it (wasn’t sure I would). Unfortunately, it’s a color I think would’ve looked a lot better on me before my hair was red, so into my Storeenvy store it goes, check it out here :)
_1570464p.s. Buttons and Birdcages turned 2 last week! Last year I was so on top of the celebration, this year it’s an afterthought, I will be making up for it though, so stayed tuned :)


Emelin may text, chew gum and snap pics on her cell phone, but she isn’t your everyday 15-year-old. She helped secure funding for girls’ education and health in her rural Guatemalan town, and the international community noticed. Last Tuesday, Emelin was invited to speak at the United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women alongside the U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and humanitarian Melinda Gates, NPR reported. She spoke on behalf of Let Girls Lead, a nonprofit that helped Emelin advocate for her hometown peers. I absolutely love stories like this – #girlpower! Check out the full story here!

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