It’s that time of year again, the gift-giving season is upon us! Black Friday, Cyber Monday, perfect opportunities to grab deals and get a jump start on your holiday shopping. Check out some of my favorite places for deals below..


Zappos – Remember those awesome boots I got a few weeks back? With fast shipping, free returns and awesome deals, Zappos is definitely the place for holiday shoe shopping.

Macy’s - For all you clothing and jewelry needs (I especially love literally everything from their American Rag line).

Sephora – The best place to shop for the beauty guru in your life. Maybe you can even get your hands on the ever popular, Naked3 palette.

Office Depot OfficeMax - Office Depot and OfficeMax have combined and this year are offering the lowest prices ever.

Barnes & Noble – The best place to pick up the next best seller (and possibly, the next hollywood blockbuster, Gone Girl, anyone?)

So, you’ve made your list. Checked it twice. Now the only question is..


I used to love the hustle and bustle of Black Friday shopping; midnight madness sales, long lines and angry customers. These days, I’m definitely more of a Cyber Monday kinda gal.

What Kind of Shopper Are YOU?


Tired of hearing about the 2 most holy shopping days of the year? #ElfYourself with Office Depots (slightly cheesy), but really fun app :)



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We arrived in Chiang Mai 5 days into our journey. Sight seeing aside, the main draw to Chiang Mai was for Loy Krathong/Yi Peng, the lantern festival. A three day festival filled with parades, floating lanterns, flower boats, and tons of people.

We ended up taking these photos in two (very) different places due to crowds and not having a wide enough lens to capture our surroundings. It was raining a little bit on this day too, but it was light enough not to bother us as we explored the city.


Top: Thrifted // Leggings: Target // Purse: Travelon // Shoes: c/o Teva


I loved the city of Chiang Mai. Unlike Bangkok and Phuket, it just felt, authentic? Not sure I’m finding the right words. It was more like what I expected Thailand to be, there, that’ll do. Not only was the city beautifully decorated, it didn’t need decorations. With Wats on every corner, and endless streets to discover, we easily could have spent more time here.



A video uploaded to YouTube shows footage of a couple on a moped getting hit by a car in the Zhejiang province of China. While, the man on the moped appears to be OK, the woman is trapped underneath the car. Thankfully, a group of pedestrians rush to the woman’s aid, and, with a little teamwork, lift the car off of her. Check out the full story here!

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_1500247Phi Phi Island, was the island experience I thought Phuket was going to be. Views, even from the ferry were stunning. Tree lined rocks, long-tail boats lining the shore. Narrow streets, and no cars. Now this is island life.


Phi Phi is about 2 hours from Phuket by ferry. Overall, it isn’t a terrible ride. If you happen to be on this ferry, go to the top deck – the views are astounding, and being up there definitely calms the stomach (if you’re prone to motion sickness, as I am)


We stayed at The Phi Phi Arboreal Resort, my least favorite hotel of the trip. The view (below), was amazing, but it was incredibly overpriced, and the staff were not just unfriendly (people have bad days, I get it), but unhelpful, and at times, rude. To add insult to injury, the wifi didn’t even really work in the room, only the common area, what were we paying for? Ok, I feel better having gotten that off my chest. To be fair, I should note that Paul didn’t have nearly as much problem with it as I..

Stitched Panorama

Unfortunately, the first day we arrived I was feeling pretty ill (probably from exhaustion, we hadn’t stopped going since we left Columbus 96 hours prior). Lucky for me, it started POURING shortly after we booked our rock climbing tour for the next day – the perfect excuse for a night in.



In Union City, California, a family breathed a sigh of relief after two Union Sanitation District (USD) workers recovered an heirloom from the sewer more than six weeks after the family’s toddler flushed it down the toilet.KTVU reports the heirloom, a diamond and sapphire ring passed down through the Tapal family by Munazzar Tapal’s great-grandfather via his own deceased father, found its unusual resting place thanks to their 3-year-old son’s royal flush in October, pretty incredible, huh? Check out the full story here!

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