Originally I wanted to do a  throwback to the first manicure I ever got (Silver with snowflakes painted on the ring finger). Then I remembered, I am a terrible nail artist. So instead, I played it safe with blue and silver. Instead of spending hours trying to paint a snowflake on to my nails, I added a layer of opaque sparkly white over each finger (it kinda looks like snow..right?).


Revlon – Dreamer // Wet n Wild – Metallica // Wet n Wild – Break the Ice


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This cashier went out of her way to give a customer the extra boost he needed. Jenny Karpen of Rotterdam, New York, a new employee at Walmart, was working the cash register on a Friday when an elderly man came to her lane to pay for his groceries. The man handed her money for his items, but came up short. The cashier, fearing that the shopper would be leaving without some necessities, stepped up to help. She took $40 from her own pocket to subsidize his bill, allowing him to leave with everything he planned on purchasing, which included food and pet supplies. How sweet is that? Check out the full story here!


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I purchased this shirt by Tonlé in Siem Reap. The store touts itself as a fair-trade fashion enterprise that aims to provide HIV+ women with a sustainable income. HIV is a cause I am close to in the states, and thus, had to support while traveling.

_1520136Top: Tonlé // Shorts: c/o ThredUp // Shoes: c/o Teva // Bag: Travelon // Sarong: c/o Sassy Sarongs


We took these photos while on a tour with Butterfly Tours, a small company started and operated by Cambodian students. It was by far the best tour company we hooked up with while over there. It’s just you and the guide, so it’s a much more personal experience. They talk with you about the culture, introduce you to food, and show you things you’d probably miss on tours for the masses. Our guide, Sokun, was amazing. He talked to us about the schooling system in Camobida and introduced us to a breakfast bread he used to eat before school.

While on this tour, Paul and I ended up purchasing two scarves and several pairs of the ever-popular elephant pants to take home as gifts. Afterwards, Sokun thanked Paul and I for supporting families and their small businesses in Cambodia. He went on to explain that by purchasing items from family owned stores, it allows them to stay in their homes, as opposed to having to move to find work. He explained that many Cambodian people actually go to Thailand for work, and send money home to their families here (sound familiar, America?). It was a good reminder to me that, every time something is purchased in a developing country. Be it from a street vendor, a child on the street, or even an actual store, money is going to a good place. A place you can see. A place that people notice it’s impact.


The main attraction of this tour was the bamboo train (the ‘Norrie’). A former mode of transport turned tourist attraction, this ‘train’ is pretty crazy. Some of the tracks don’t line up perfectly, and it only works one way. Meaning, when we meet another bamboo train car, the passengers must get off, and stand to the side while the operators take one off the track, allow the other to pass, then reassemble it back on the tracks.



Allen Williams got the happy surprise of his life last weekend, when a Missouri animal shelter called to tell him to come get his dog, Titan, who’d vanished from his yard about three years ago. Can you imagine being reunited after that long? Check out the full story here!


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Teeth whitening is something I’ve been interested in trying out for awhile. Didn’t think I’d be so into whitening strips, but when faced with the intense price of professional whitening ($500+), the whitestrips didn’t seem like such a bad route to take (They’re just $60 at Target). Typically I”m the kind of person who only does stuff like this for special occasions, but the holidays totally qualify as a special occasion! I’m definitely looking forward to sparkly teeth and family time in the coming weeks.

The strips were pretty easy to use. One strip on the top, one strip on the bottom for one hour a day for 14 days. I would just throw them on and go about my day; talking to people, watching tv, doing my hair, whatever. Pretty much the only limit while wearing them is that you can’t eat/drink while they’re in. The other notable thing I noticed about them was that once removed, they didn’t leave an icky layer of gunk on my teeth (which was really nice).

My teeth were a little sensitive to them, but nothing too impeding. If you experience tooth sensitivity, using a mouthwash with flouride is supposed to be helpful. I was surprised to read that it’s better to use them when your teeth are a little dirty (so not right after you brush your teeth).

I wasn’t too unhappy with my teeth before. The stains on them are self-inflicted (blame my coffee addiction), and I’ve always wanted them to sparkle a little more. I definitely noticed a difference though, just in time for the holidays :)gnotd

If you’re interested in trying them out yourself you can get $7 off your purchase of Crest 3D White Luxe Supreme FlexFit Whitestrips at Target.com. If not for you, they could make a great stocking stuffer :)


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