Refashion Runway: Tunics

TunicBAI found this dress a few weeks ago at Goodwill, and fell in love with the pattern. I normally don’t pick busy patterns, but something about this dress stood out to me. For the challenge this week I took it in a little on the sides and in the back to create a more flattering fit. I also chopped it to tunic length and after removing the elastic from the arms, used the extra fabric from to create bell sleeves.

I’ve been obsessed with flared sleeves for..let’s just say awhile. If I come across something with belled sleeves in a store it’s pretty difficult for me to pass on so I thought it’d be a fun challenge for me this week – and man, a challenge it was.

I’m not sure if it was the fabric, or just my lack of experience or knowledge in how to craft those beautifully shaped sleeves but I struggled a bit to get the right shape. I had to take them off and put them back on a few times,so I guess it’s good thing I recently replaced my seam ripper 🙂

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gnotdA library has helped a 5-year-old girl start a new chapter in her life. Katelyn Vincik who was born without a fully formed left hand, had been on a waitlist for a functional prosthetic for more than a year. That was until Harris County Public Library in Texas made her one using its 3D printer. How amazing is technology? Check out the full story here!

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Refashion Runway: Buttons!

ButtonBA1This weeks challenge was surprisingly (and frustratingly) hard for me. Maybe it’s that the thought of hand sewing a bunch of buttons to something terrifies me, or maybe it;s all the extra pressure I put on myself because buttons are literally in my blog name..

Anyway, after many a headache and thought of dropping out of the contest I came up with this outfit, which I actually completely adore.I have a ton of buttons that people have given me over the years, I use them for projects here and there but honestly I’m usually making jewelry or glueing them to things.
I jumped around with a ton of ideas, but landed on that the buttons should add a little flair to my outfit and not be an intense part of my outfit just because of the challenge. Keeping with my festival style, I cut the dress into a fringe vest and used excess fabric to add a little flare to the leg warmers. I’m so in love with the button head wrap and belt that I literally can’t wait to wear them out <3


One Virginia woman’s corps passion of helping people in need has become a reality. Bettie Anderson, 73, recently headed off to Botswana to serve in the Peace Corps. Anderson, who was a Hampton University recruiter for the organization years ago, explained that “Becoming a part of Peace Corps was a desire that I had more than 50 years ago,” she said, according to a Hampton University press release. “My vision is to be of service to others and build positive relationships that will promote the bests of America.” Proof that it’s never too late! Check out the full story here!

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Refashion Runway: Metallic

MetallicBA3 Last week I mentioned that I’ve been into festival fashion lately. To get a little more specific, I’ve been really fascinated by Burning Man, which basically just means be weird and a totally unconventional. This weird and unconventional pull has me feeling increasingly challenged in this contest because I know many people want to see outfits they would actually wear, but whenever I sit at my sewing machine, I feel pulled in a different direction. So this week I decided to honor that pull and see what I came up with..

Shopping for metallic to refashion was pretty challenging because most things that are metallic are already pretty hip (it’s a pretty hip material). I went to 3 thrift stores before finding these possibilities and while I wanted whatever I found to be gold, I was beyond thrilled to find this amazing silver dress!
Once I found it, I had a pretty clear vision in my head. When I got home, I almost immediately chopped the top part of the dress off and added button closure, turning it into a maxi skirt. I removed the bottom and sleeves off of the black dress, turning it into a sleeveless top. I used the extra material from the black dress and purple metallic skirt to create a reversible hood that can be worn with the metallic out, or the black side out.
Extra fabric was used to add little flourishes like the lace up part of the top. I’m not going to Burning Man this year, but I am going to YOUtopia (a smaller burn), and will be sure to wear this while I”m there 🙂

MetallicCU_1640864MetallicCUa_1640859gnotdFor the third year in a row, Gunner Robinson of Wilmington, North Carolina, has asked for shoe donations instead of presents for his birthday on August 15. Each pair goes to a kid in his community that needs shoes for the upcoming school year, according to WWAY. So far, the 10-year-old has given out 600 pairs with his organization Gunner’s Runners, how totally adorable is that? Check out the full story here.

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