Ever find those dresses that just encapsulate something perfectly? That’s how I feel about this dress. The color, pattern, the long sleeves. It captures fall in the most perfect of ways. After what seemed like a lifetime of rain, the sun finally emerged in Columbus. Though I won’t be in town much over the next few weeks, I plan on soaking up as much beautiful fall weather as I can.

Dress: c/o Poppy Lux // Belt: Thrifted // Hat: Urban // Boots: Zappos // Bracelet: c/o Country Outfitter



Ethan Van Leuven, a 4-year-old from West Jordan, Utah, has been battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a form of cancer, since he was 22 months old.Last week, his parents received some devastating news from doctors – his cancer was no longer treatable. The town came together to celebrate Halloween, Christmas, and his birthday so he could make a few more happy memories. Check out the rest of this touching story here.

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I’m convinced Imitating Pinterest outfits could be a full time job. Most of the time, I imitate in reverse; find an item I want to wear, let’s say, a mustard cardigan. Then I search for ‘mustard cardigan outfit’. I spent more time trying to find an outfit to emulate than I’d like to admit. After searching, I decided to go with a more.. minimalist look (I know, kinda a cop out..sorry guys).


Though it was a fairly easy look to copy, you may notice it’s a pretty different look for me. I tend to over-do it with color, prints, and accessories, but I so admire a lady who can effortlessly rock a t-shirt and look gorgeous doing it.


Shirt: Thrifted // Scarf: Thrifted // Jeans: Urban

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When Lynzee Ford, 17, a high school senior with cancer was told she was running out of time, her friends and family made sure she wouldn’t miss one of the biggest milestones in a high school student’s life. She is a senior at Kilgore High School in Texas, and was diagnosed with leukemia in January. Though she underwent treatments, doctors told her a few weeks ago that she has about four months to live. While, tragically, Ford may not make it to her official graduation ceremony, her friends wanted to make sure she didn’t miss out on the important experience. So on Monday, with the help of classmates and staff, the senior got a graduation of her very own. How sweet is that? Check out the full story here.

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1596884_806230462752868_6054760640731441224_oAs some of you may have realized, this past weekend I was invited to be a part of College Fashion Week Chicago! The event was hosted by Her Campus, and held at The Revel Downtown and featured clothing from Boohoo, an online fashion store based in the U.K. All the models were chosen via Instagram. Her Campus put out a casting call for girls to post a #selfie to enter their model search (mine), which really added to the show because it featured real girls of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities.

photo 1

The first event of the weekend was a ‘Primping Party’ hosted by Bare Minerals at which we got our makeup done, saw the outfit we’d be modeling, and practiced strutting our stuff.

The next day, we arrived at The Revel for fittings, more practice, hair by TRESemmé , and fashion show makeup by Bare Minerals. Though the outfit I modeled wasn’t really my style, I loved getting a sneak peek into what life as a model would be like. Plus, sometimes it’s fun to get outside your comfort zone a little :)

The show featured 3 ‘scenes’, Imperial, Brooklyn Princess (mine), and Woodlanders. Between the shows, local performers entertained the audience – I didn’t get to see this part, but from what I heard, the audience loved it!_1480936

Overall it was an awesome experience. Got to see Chicago, meet a bunch of lovely ladies (including a fellow blogger, Morgan, of Mostly Morgan – she’s adorable), and got to not only attend, but participate in a fashion show (take that 30 Before 30!)gnotd

An unidentified man is being hailed as a hero for rushing into a burning building in Fresno, to rescue a senior citizen who was trapped inside. Beth Lederach, was able to record footage of the successful rescue. Lederach said the hero seemed to come from nowhere. The video shows the man walk into the smoke and flames. At one point, a crash or explosion sends other would-be rescuers fleeing, but not the hero, who emerges from the blaze with the 73-year-old man draped over his shoulder. Check out the full story and video here!

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