UntitledAndrea of Little Did You Know challenged us to recreate a Pinterest outfit for thrift style Thursday this week. After scrolling through my hundreds of pins, I decided to recreate a grunge inspired look from one of my favorite (and let’s face it, WAY cooler), bloggers – Le Happy.

A big part of why I chose this outfit was the denim vest – in keeping with my ‘New Years Style Resolution’ I incorporated this thrifted vest I refashioned back in July of 2013!


Vest: Thrifted // Top:  LuLus // Jeans: Aero // Bag: Thrifted // Hat: Cambodia // Backpack: Thrifted


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Just days before Sunday’s AFC Championship, Cathy Nichols, a 59-year-old special education teacher from  Maine was diagnosed with terminal cancer, leading her to believe she was unlikely to see her favorite team, the Patriots, play again. Two of Nichols’ coworkers had a trick play of their own. The pair contacted the station on Friday in search of tickets to a playoff game for their friend, and the station forwarded Nichols’ story to the Patriots. Nichols didn’t just wind up with tickets to the game: Patriots owner Robert Kraft gave her two seats in his family’s box and also provided field passes. How awesome is that? Check out the full story here!

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It’s that time of month again. #MonthlyMani time! The theme this month is Pantone Colors of 2015 and we based it on their spring report. Is it too soon to be thinking of spring? I decided to go with a mix of Aquamarine and Lucite Green this month. I used tape to create the triangle design.  They came out OK. Truth be told, I’m not crazy about them (hence my lack of photos) – but sometimes it’s good to just experiment and see what happens..

 photo dd435c2d-41aa-42bf-b95e-5ccf29febc02.jpg

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Speaking of spring – there are just 59 days left until spring officially begins!

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_1550001The theme for Thrift Style Thursday this week as chosen by the lovely Beth is ‘sweater weather’. Instead of braving the weather, to take photos (it’s been FREEZING in Columbus), I opted to try out this whole ‘taking photos inside’ thing.  I found this super comfy oversized sweater for $1.99 at Out of The Closet,.


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A shoe repairman in China, identified as Mr. Fu, is paralyzed from the waist-down and uses the axle from a cart to commute to his work stall. While it takes him about an hour to get to work, the 68-year-old gets a little help from his dog, who occasionally pushes him during their daily journey. How sweet is that? Check out the full story here!


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