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Lillian Weber makes a dress from scratch every single day so that a child in need will have something beautiful to wear. Throughout the last few years, Weber has made more than 840 dresses for Little Dresses for Africa, a Christian nonprofit that distributes dresses to impoverished young girls in Africa and beyond. Weber says she hopes to hit the 1,000 dress mark before too long. All this would certainly be extraordinary enough, but there’s something else that makes Weber’s story particularly astounding: She’s 99! Check out the full story here.


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I think plaid may be  the longest running trends in fashion history (ok, maybe not the longest, but seriously, it’s ALWAYS in). Every year, especially around fall, plaid just creeps back into our lives. If you’ve been around here awhile, you probably already know I’ve had a love affair with the pattern for quite awhile (proof here, here, and here). So of course, I didn’t mind donning a newly thrifted plaid shirt for this week’s Thrift Style Thursday theme..


Shirt: Thrifted // Shorts: Urban // Scarf: Vintage // Necklace: Spoolish


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A family ripped apart by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami was reunited Monday for the first time in a decade, thanks to a chance encounter in June which led them to their missing daughter, who, in turn, helped the family find their missing son. Two kids reunited in a week? How amazing is that, check out the full story here.

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Did anyone out there realize that August is National Romance Awareness Month? Me either, but it is this month’s theme for the #MonthlyMani link up :)

Romance can be a lot of things – fun, exciting, scary. But it is almost never perfect. It can be messy, yet beautiful. I wanted my nails to reflect this (Plus, my motor skills aren’t fine tuned enough to draw hearts on my nails. And yes, I tried)..


Sally Hansen - White On // laVie en Rose - Yellow /// Revlon – Bordeaux // Sally Girl – Matte Topcoat


This look was actually pretty easy (and fun) to do – you’d be surprised how fun things get when the pressure to be perfect is off. After you paint your base color, just mix a few drops of polish with a drop or two of water, grab a straw and blow the various colors across your nails (Warning: This gets messy)

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What do you think of the ‘Splatter Nails’ look?


A woman and her 1-year-old granddaughter are alive today thanks to David Fredericksen, a heroic truck driver who didn’t hesitate to leave the safety of his own cab and run toward the wreckage of a car being rapidly consumed by flames. His rush to action saved their lives. Check out the full story here!

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