Hand Held Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbirds are nature’s jewels. Their colorful, iridescent feathers in addition to the beautiful patterns and humming noise their flapping wings make as they fly about in all directions can brighten up any outdoor area. Entire families look forward to watching them in spring as they feed on flower nectar, pollen, tree sap and insects from the surrounding trees and plants. To get a closer view of the birds, most people attract them to their yard by providing them food, shelter and a safe and welcoming environment. The most effective way to achieve this is by using high quality hummingbird feeders.

Observing hummingbirds feed and fly around your yard is an amazing experience but it pales in comparison to capturing that magic up-close. Did you know that with hand held hummingbird feeders, you could have humming birds feeding from the palm of your hand? It sounds like the stuff dreams are made of but with the right feeder and a little bit of patience, you could make it a reality. There are certain amazing characteristics displayed by hummingbirds, which you cannot enjoy while watching them from a distance. Hand held hummingbird feeders allow you to both nourish the birds and bond with them.

Getting hummingbirds to feed from your hand is easier said than done. You must first attract the birds to your yard then gain their trust until they ultimately trust you enough to feed from your hand. If you already have hummingbirds hanging out in your yard, you are in luck but if not, you must attract them by planting plants and flowers specific to hummingbirds.

Next, you need to set up humming bird feeders. Feel free to make or build any design you fancy but you must be careful to pick designs that are beautiful and from which the birds can easily extract the nectar. Location of the feeders is also very important. When putting out hummingbird feeders, you must select a location that is easily accessible and visible not only to the humming birds but also to you while you are in the comfort of your home. Put out plenty of feeders in that location and observe the visiting behavior of the birds.

Observe when the birds typically visit, their numbers and which feeder they favor. If they love the feeders, you may increase the number of feeders to attract more birds. Once you have attracted a good number of hummingbirds to your yard and learnt their visiting pattern, you can then start closing in on their feeding area. The birds will gradually grow used to your presence and in a few days, they will be completely comfortable with your presence.

The trick is to be consistent in your behavior from your clothing to how you stand or sit. A consistent behavior will get the birds used to your presence more quickly. Once you are able to get close enough to their feeding areas without startling them with your presence, you may now try using your hand held hummingbird feeders. You may remove some of the other feeders to get the birds to focus on your handheld feeder.

There are many Hand held hummingbird feeders to choose from but you must make sure to use a feeder specifically designed for the hummingbirds to feed from your hand. Ideally, a hand held feeder should not only be colorful but it should also have ports wide enough for the birds to dip their bills into to extract the nectar with ease.

It may sound like a lot of work but once you have hummingbirds feeding from your handheld feeders, it will be worth it.

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