_1280442 After failing the DMV eye exam, being lectured by my eye doctor, and several awkward experiences at Panera (their menu is so small). I have decided  it’s time for a change. Guys, I’m going to try to start wearing my glasses. I can pretty much promise you I won’t be wearing them on the blog all the time, but in the name of safety, I will definitely wear them when driving :)


Pastel is not a typical go to for me. Though I love the colors, I consider myself more of an ‘earth tones’ type of girl, ya know? This week was pretty tough for me, I made several rounds to my typical spots to no avail. Finally, I decided to peruse my actual closet, where I found this dress I bought last year from Plato’s Closet.

Dress: Plato’s Closet // Tights: Target // Glasses: SEE Eyewear_1280685

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Today is the first official day of spring (even if it doesn’t feel like it outside), Looking forward to warmer weather and sunshine!


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26 thoughts on “Pastel

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  5. Selina Kyle

    This colour actually suits you very well. I am LOVING that frame!
    I was diagnosed with myopia when I was in first grade, I never really wore specs, kind of “rebelled” against it, but once I did start wearing them in 10th, it was like I was viewing the world in HD!



  6. Anisa

    That mint looks BEAUTIFUL on you! I love it so much, the dress is gorgeous. If that’s your kitchen, just know that I have so much decor envy. It’s so pretty! xx


  7. spoolish

    You look like you were born with those glasses on. I didn’t realize that you DIDN’T wear glasses – that’s how well they suit you. I’ve had prescription glasses since the 2nd grade but hardly ever wear them :/

    You look great 😉


  8. Margaret

    I didn’t start wearing my glasses regularly until I went to college and I realized that I had not a chance in those lecture classes. Now, I can’t function without them. It becomes a part of your face. I wish SEE had a store up here on the lake! Yours are really cute.


    1. buttonsandbirdcages Post author

      Ahh you are too sweet! I’m still trying to get used to the way I look with them on so THANK YOU!


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